Prize Pool

$ 5,000 USD


  6th June - 19th June 2023

Sign up in-game for the time-limited event “Snapdragon Mobile Open Europe & MENA” and compete each week!

  • Drivers compete in-game in the Snapdragon Mobile Open during weekly time trial events
  • The goal is to set the fastest time possible on the track for that week
  • Top 2 times from each phone operating system (Android and iOS) in each week will advance to the Open Finals

  27th June 2023

Each platforms' top players will compete in a 4-man bracket to determine placement.

  • There is one finals bracket per operating system
  • The finals will be broadcast live with drivers racing one other opponent in a head to head race.
  • The last driver standing at the end of the bracket is the champion for that operating system.

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The Snapdragon Pro Series is the fastest growing mobile esports platform in the world. Players have the unique opportunity to compete against others in their region across several of the hottest game titles. The program consists of three competitive tiers, allowing players of all skill levels to compete and win.

On the events page in-game, you can find information on how to sign-up.

This is a time-limited event, or "TLE" where players compete on a track, and the fastest each week qualify for finals on each platform.

The top 4 players from each platform (Android/iPhone) advance to Finals.

Yes, you have to fill-out a form provided by the publisher on this page.

Each TLE features its own pre-defined cars so everyone competes on an equal footing!