PRize Pool

$ 25,000 USD


Ladder Sprints

  16th October - 27th October

  29th November - 8th December

Two 4-Day Open Ladder Sprints will be played over two weeks. The Top 6 teams from these ladders will qualify for the Open Finals. In the Open Finals, the 6 best teams will face off in a double-elimination bracket to determine the winner!

  5th November
  17th December

In Open Finals, 6 best teams will face off in a double elimination brackets to determine the winner!
  9th - 10th November
  16th - 17th November
  18th - 19th December

Single elimination tournaments with a twist! We will introduce various gameplay changes like limiting Townhall level, banning troops etc. to provide fun and unique experience in those 2 day tournaments. Second tournament day will be broadcasted!

Join your teammates and over 19,000+ competitors from around the world!

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The Snapdragon Pro Series is the fastest growing mobile esports platform in the world. Players have the unique opportunity to compete against others in their region across several of the hottest game titles. The program consists of three competitive tiers, allowing players of all skill levels to compete and win.

A Hub is a type of competition where players are ranked based upon skill, determined by ELO. You can use the que feature to let other teams know you are ready to war! The Hub system will match you against another team that is looking to war as well.

Gather your teammates and create a team on Faceit. Be sure everyone's Clash of Clans accounts are added to their profiles, and everyone is from an allowed region. Your team will then be placed on a checklist, and the admin team will inspect your team to be sure you are ready to play! Once your team has passed the "inspection" you will be able to play in the Hub once the que is open! If you have any issues, or need support, don't hesitate to reach out to an admin in the Snapdragon Pro Series Discord!

If you have already been accepted into the ladder and need to make a change, you will need to leave the ladder, as your team will be "locked" upon acceptance into the ladder.
As long as you are over 16, and competing from an allowed region, you can compete! Please check each specific game title for more in depth qualifications.

You can reach out to the admin team in the Snapdragon Pro Series Discord!